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Aston Martin South Africa is fashioned with Diamon-Fusion® Ultra™ Windshield Nano-Coating

Daytona Group, Distributors Of Aston Martin, One Of The World's Most Iconic Automotive Brands, Now Offers Clients The Highest Quality Of Glass Protective Coating. Diamon-Fusion ULTRA Also Being Applied To Rolls-Royce And McLaren Fleets At Daytona Group Dealerships

Rens Rademeyer, General Manager of Aston Martin South Africa, stated: "We've tested many windshield coatings to ensure the highest quality aligned with our high performance standards and, unquestionably, DFI's top line coating Diamon-Fusion Ultra far exceeded the rest. Our adoption of such high quality added safety feature primarily for our Aston Martin fleet, as well as our Rolls Royce and McLaren vehicles we sell, is simply a reflection of our corporate philosophy of always offering the very best to adapt to modern day desirability and passion."

Commercial Building Testimonials

Proven Success Speaks For Itself

"I am very impressed with DFI and looking to incorporate more Diamon-Fusion coating projects across the campus... I have cut my window cleaning by 50% and saved $12,000-$14,000 per year since Diamon-Fusion was applied to our windows."

- Brian Worley, Director of Facilities & Campus Services, Claremont McKenna College

Claremont, California (USA)

“I have been in the window cleaning business for nearly 20 years and Diamon-Fusion® protective coating is the best product that I have come across.”

– Mike Long, Owner of Clean Services Northwest Inc.

Portland, Oregon (USA)

"I was impressed with DFI's ability to restore several high-profile windows at the West Marine HQ, which had been badly water damaged from concrete leaching. After they treated the glass with Diamon-Fusion®, the windows looked good as new and are now very easy to clean."

- Erick Taylor, PacCom Management Supervisor at West Marine Headquarter

Watsonville, California (USA)

"I loved the way Diamon-Fusion® performed on the windows, showers, and tile and granite at my home so much that I had DFI apply it to the window of my dealership and my courtesy shuttle vehicles."

- Steve John, Tournament Director of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and (Previous) Owner of Ocean Honda

Santa Cruz, California (USA)

"The Academy’s experience with DFI and its product has been very positive. The end product is everything I was told it would be resulting in lower labor and material costs. My custodians spend less time wiping sticky fingerprints from the glass using only a microfiber cloth and no chemicals. The feedback from the custodians has been positive too; ‘I don’t know what you did to the glass’ one of them said to me, ‘but we like it.’"

- Jock Young, Facilities Manager at California Academy of Science

San Francisco, California (USA)

Customer Testimonials

Proven Success Speaks For Itself

"I remodeled a bathroom and have glass shower surround. I read about Diamon-Fusion®to keep the glass from spotting. Central Coast Diamon-Fusion, an authorized professional DFI Applicator, came over quickly after the glass was installed and applied the product... It's been 2 years and the glass is as beautiful as when first installed. There is hardly any maintenance."

- Lalakini O.

Santa Cruz, California (USA)

“Diamon-Fusion® is amazing... being on the saltwater in big water it's imperative I can see out my windows. The whole fleet could benefit from using this stuff.”

- Mike Manns, Manns Charter Service

Homer, Alaska (USA)

"The fact of the matter is that your product is fabulous. The [DFI coating protected] shower glass looks like it was never used 15-20 minutes after showering, and the glass balcony rails shimmer notwithstanding they are buffeted daily by westerly’s carrying heavy moisture from the bay.”

- Walkie Ray, Ray Residence

Newport Beach, California (USA)

"I had some Diamond-Fusion on my first Ridgeline and loved it. Although, it was a option that Checkered Flag Honda offered at the time, when I went to getting a new vehicle they no longer offered it. In the Hampton Roads Diamond-Fusion is a must and a product that I stand behind,as I have seen how it stands up to road debris."

- Anthony Sarquilla

Portsmouth, Virginia (USA)

"Thank you very much for your excellent customer care. Outstanding."

- Benka Carr

Park Hills, Missouri (USA)

"I was out on a fishing charter in Whittier, Alaska and the captain had Diamon-Fusion® applied to the windshield of the vessel. There was a dramatic improvement in visibility and I can see how this would improve safety on my boat. I have a small fishing boat with approximately 10 square feet of windshield and I would like to apply one of your products to it."

- Scott DuBrow

Cedar Grove, New Jersey (USA)

"I have owned my solar panels for two years. After the first year of ownership, during which I had to clean them repeatedly, I decided to treat the surfaces with Diamon-Fusion®. During this second year with Diamon-Fusion®, I did not have to clean at all and my electrical output was virtually identical comparing the two years - despite being told that I would lose about 1% per year of output due to panel aging. Better yet, my two highest output months (so the lowest electrical bills) were both during the second year with Diamon-Fusion®. I am very happy with the fact that Diamon-Fusion® saved me time, effort and money. It is definitely helping me get more out of my solar investment."

- Philip Baron, Homeowner & Realtor

Northridge, California (USA)

"I treated the front windshield of my car with Diamon Fusion® NanoPax over two months ago. We live in north-central Iowa, which means we have about every kind of weather you can think of. Since I treated the windshield we have had an early-spring eight-inch snow, sleet and several rains. That’s about par for the course this time of year. A couple of days after putting on the DFI, I was on the highway going to work when it started to rain. I rolled along for several miles before I realized I hadn’t turned on the windshield wipers. I simply didn’t notice that I needed them. Here I was going about 65 in a moderate rain and I had almost normal visibility without using the wipers. The rain was beading up (tiny beads) on the windshield and flying off the glass so fast that there was no need for wipers. Sure, if a semi passed me and kicked up a spray I had use the wipers, but that was about it.

I had tried another windshield product a couple of years ago and got tired of reapplying it every few days. After a one good rain you could tell “brand X” was wearing off and you always had to reapply it after going through a car wash. I eventually threw the bottle away without using it all. Well, in addition to our smorgasbord of weather the past month, the car has been washed three times and I see no sign that the DFI treatment is wearing off. I know it won’t last forever, but I certainly won’t mind if I only have to reapply it once every few months. This is a product that flat out works!"

- David Gervich