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We want you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest, and that starts with a few easy warranty registration steps..

This registration verifies ownership and if you require help or assistance in the future.

Register your warranty

Do you have your warranty registration number? This warranty number is on a static cling sticker inside your Customer Care Kit.

Please read the basic manufacturers maintenance recommendations before registering your warranty.

DIAMON-FUSION® is scientifically proved to be 10X more resistant to damage from flying debris. Improved impact and scratch resistance. Reduces chips and cracks. Resists pitting and etching. Is UV stable, 100% optically clear and military-grade. Reduces night glare by 35%. 10X more water repellent. Increased vision and faster reaction time in adverse weather conditions (especially at night) @ 60 km/h by 1 (one) full second = 17metres shorter stopping distance. Repels mud, snow, ice and insect impact residue. DIAMON-FUSION® won’t haze, yellow, peel, crack or chip.


While DIAMON-FUSION® dramatically reduces the cleaning requirements of your treated WINDSCREEN surface; you do have to perform some cleaning and maintenance to ensure on-going performance. Following the detailed maintenance instructions below and utilizing the prescribed maintenance procedures and accessories provided in the Customer Care KIT, will ensure many years of satisfaction and a safer driving experience.

There are three factors most responsible for degrading the performance of your windscreen coating: lightly bonded surface contaminants, micro abrasion caused by abrasive dirt on wipers and poor condition of wiper blades (worn wiper blades must be replaced immediately). Lightly bonded surface contaminants can easily be removed using EasyClean restoration powder and scrubber (included in the customer care kit). Abrasion caused by dirt on the windshield coating could leave micro scratches and will reduce the contact angle smoothness. To restore the surface smoothness apply EasyClean Vitalizer to the windscreen to fill in the micro scratches thus restoring the contact angle. It is recommended to Revitalize at regular intervals to maintain optimum performance of the coating. For more detailed information on easy-to-clean products and solutions visit our website: or contact us: TEL 012 004 0700. For online purchases visit

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