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Congratulations on purchasing Diamon-Fusion® or Clear-Fusion™ Pro easy-to-clean product applied to your asset!

We want you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest, and that starts with a few easy warranty registration steps.

Knowing the product that you’ve purchased allows us to share helpful tips, special offers and much more. It also verifies ownership if you require help or assistance in the future. A few of the benefits that you can look forward to:

  • Handy tips from our product pros.
  • Updates to keep your surfaces up-to-date.
  • News about new products from us and our partners that are best for you.
  • Exclusive previews of new Diamon-Fusion® easy-to-clean products and innovations.
  • Special offers and promotions.

Register your warranty

Do you have your warranty registration number? This warranty number is visible on a static cling sticker placed on the surface of the protection completed or supplied to you by the Easy-to-Clean partner.

Read the basic manufacturers maintenance recommendations before registering your warranty.

While DIAMON-FUSION® and other low maintenance DFI Products dramatically reduces the cleaning requirements of your treated Glass/Silica surface you do have to perform some cleaning and maintenance to ensure ongoing performance. Following the detailed maintenance instructions below and utilizing the prescribed maintenance procedures/accessories will ensure many years of satisfaction.


Rinse or spray the surface with cool (for best results) clean water. Wipe it dry or let the water drain off and pat dry the few remaining droplets. You may also use a Squeegee. Once a month wet the surface and use a nylon body puff or soft cloth and go over the wet surface, rubbing in a circular motion. You should feel places that are “sticky” going back to slick again. Then rinse or spray the surface with cool clean water again just as you do after each use. Wipe it dry or let the water drain off and pat dry. If you in years have not followed the recommended procedures you don’t have to worry as our Express Care or Shower Maintenance kits can be purchased from our DIY on-line shop to restore your treated coating to like new. For online purchases visit


Windows, glass railings, skylights, solar panels and balustrades treated with DFI Protective coatings can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution ( i.e. EASY FUSION ), a window cleaning scrubber and a squeegee. Ideally, cleaning should not be done in direct sunlight on these surfaces. However, cleaning should be noticeably easier, since DIAMON-FUSION® treated glass is much smoother, making dirt, dust and other environmental debris much less prone to stick to the glass. Please note in extreme situations or where the environment has been manipulated (for example where glass is exposed to sprinklers, pool cleaners, leaching, bore hole water and other forms of man-made water contact) a simple maintenance routine should be followed to keep deposits from developing on the coating over time. It this occurs, reconditioning with DFI’s Restoration Powder and Revitalizer may be required to keep the coating at peak performance.

Maintenance frequency on exterior windows treated with DIAMON-FUSION® can be reduced by as much as 90% depending on the environmental conditions and other factors. You can expect DIAMON-FUSION® window treatment to last for many years as long as the maintenance instructions listed above are adhered to and a simple basic rule is followed: do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners/chemicals on treated surfaces under any circumstances.

EasyClean DIY online shop offers world renowned maintenance products and solutions that will ensure a clear and easy-to-clean surface for many years to come. For more detailed information on easy-to-clean products and solutions visit our website: or contact us: TEL 012 004 0700. For online purchases visit

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